Bring Back Escape Hybrid

By Mika E.

The design of the 2012 Escape Hybrid is, hands down, the BEST CAR EVER. Rides well, easy to maintain, takes on 27" of snow like a boss. And it's green. My 2008 looks like a Ford SUV, drives like a solid piece of machinery, and it's green. Please bring it back, I like the focus (second car?) but it's too lightweight.
Mike 11/19/2014
I loved my 2009 Escape Hybrid. I was getting close to 40 mpg with all the traffic I'm in on a daily basis. I miss the Escape Hybrid!
Mark 10/31/2014
Yes - Please make a 2015 Ford Escape Hybrid with plug-in. I'd buy one in a second.
Larry L 05/23/2014
My strong agreement. Bring back the Escape Hybrid in 2015!
Manuel 05/02/2014
I live in a place where I have to ride through rough terrain.  I own a Ford Escape Hybrid FWD 2007 and I absolutely love it.  I decided I want a new vehicle but learned Ford does not offer any hybrid options for rough terrain.  My friend has a brand new 2014 Escape with the "EcoBoost" engine and my 7 year old escape offers much better mileage (34MPG City).  I usually dislike Toyota vehicles, but they are releasing a Highlander Hybrid and since Ford wrote itself out of this market segment I guess it will be Toyota for me when I get my new hybrid vehicle.  What a shame because I really love Ford and their designs, but they keep making odd market choices.  The C-Max is no Escape and no Escape driver will ever settle for it.  Please Ford, wake up and start moving forward instead of backward with your products!
Paul C 04/11/2014
I agree with the above. Please Ford, introduce a hybrid version of the new Escape! I own a 2009 Mercury Mariner hybrid which is the same platform as the old Escape. I was waiting for the new Escape hybrid to replace this vehicle but was disappointed to learn that the hybrid version had been discontinued.
Tim Godfrey 06/29/2013
I bought new a 2008 Mariner hybrid AWD and average 30-31 mpg city & about 29-30 mpg hwy. It's the best veh I've ever owned & in the market for a new compact SUB hybrid only to find there isn't one any more since Ford did away with the Escape hybrid with the introduction of the new C-Max. I like sitting up high and want another compact SUV hybrid. Ford please bring back the Escape hybrid!
I am a current owner of the Escape Hybrid and I am looking for a new vehicle, I want another SUV with good mileage and the Eco Boost does not cut in when compared to a Hybrid. So why did Ford stop producing this award winning product and are offer no other options in this area.
Barbara B 01/29/2013
I have had 2 Ford Escape Hybrid since they were first made. I am dissapointed to see that Ford had discontinued the Escape Hybrid. i live where we have snow in the winters, so I need a high profile vehicle, and the Escape Hybrid works great for this type of environment. So PLEASE bring back a high profile vehilce that is a Hybrid.
Dustin M 12/25/2012
I agree, plus bring back the old escape!!!