Bring back CNG and propane fueled vehicles

ford used to sell crown vic taurus and f150s in a cng/propane version bring this idea back in a bi fueled car were we can use regular gas and CNG. Cng price in my town is $2.01 equivalent to a gallon of gas. Cng burns cleaner and produces more power. the idea of it being bi fueled would be great because when on lond distance journeys there would be no worries of finding a CNG fill station.
JBrian 08/15/2013
I am driving a propane converted 2012 Ford Taurus now.
Nestor R 07/03/2012
Roush will have a propane conversion package available for most Ford trucks soon, save the F-150, but that's a start.
Tate C 06/21/2012
Im waiting to buy a new light duty truck that has a CNG option. Hope Ford will be the first to have this option on its F 150 soon!
Billy S 06/18/2012
Ford should offer it on all of their cars