Bio-Diesel Hybrid

I'm 15 years old and an idea came to mind. As I was learning about diesel engines and how they work, I thought what if it was conjoined with a hybrid. Using clean diesel technology (Bio-Diesel) and a EV hybrid system, you get a few advantages. You get ultra low emissions, outstanding fuel economy and customers get great savings on gas. Great for the environment and the driver. What if this was in a vehicle like Focus, Taurus, Fusion and Fiesta? Or even crossovers and SUV's? What do you guys think? I really admire The Ford Motor Company and would like to see it GO FURTHER.
Bill Clark 04/06/2013
100 mpg is attainable at a cost. Cd need to be about 0.15, weight 2000 lb, front shutters, 00.9 L turbo 2cyl diesel Hybrid, wind sensors (tail, cross or front wind) all to pick the best sweet spot (on engine load vs rpm curve) to hit lowest bsfc (brake specific fuel consumption) for the prevailing driving conditions.
Ramsey E 12/09/2012
Fantastic idea! I have a Ford Excursion 6.0 diesel I run on B100 biodiesel. If is great not having the dino diesel smell as the biodiesel is much cleaner. I also have a Ford Focus Electric. I would love for my truck to have a stealth mode ford out in the woods. The diesel-electric increased fuel economy would be a blessing. Come on Ford. This would be a real winner!
Waves N 10/02/2012
Volvo already beat them to it and the car never saw the showroom floor, they sold ever unit before the car even made it to the dealership.
Jake J 07/15/2012
Bio diesel would be perfect for huge SUVs and trucks. First, Ford has to add all diesel engines to its truck and suv lineup.
michael m 06/15/2012
Or make it CNG Hybrid, cleaner still and American
jerry s 06/01/2012
it is a good ideal but u can get great gas milage with just a diesel like the fiesta the have in europe gets over 70 mpg hwy no hybrid great emissions and no battery and motors which weigh a lot and take up room cost money and hard to repair. its klike that sayin goes keep it simple stupid lol. Its is a good idea tough im sure u could achive over 100mpg that way good job man i though about it too :)
David M 05/30/2012
Awesome idea. I came to suggest something similar. Looks like Trace beat me to it.