Big MPGs for Big Trucks and Vans

I think more time and effort should be put into reducing fuel consumption for large pick-ups and vans. These vehicles are the backbone of working America and they are sufferring with the state of fuel prices. How large of an engine would it take to power a generator to power an electric motor to power the wheels? They wouldn't need expensive hybrid tech switching back and forth with large battery packs. Just the basics with the smallest engine possible that only powers the generator. From what I understand, electric motors produce more torque anyway. Isn't that how diesel/electric trains have been moving their mega-ton payloads for over 50 years?
Sergio F 04/18/2012
I work in construction and would love to own a truck that gives me 30 + MPG in the city and 35+ on the Highway
Dennis T 03/28/2012
I did a Bing search on 'electric motors' and Siemens came up. I was educated about the difference between 'Parallel Hybrid' and 'Serial Hybrid'. 'Parallel' uses the combustion engine exclusively to turn a transmission for power to the wheels: it only uses the electric drive motors to get the vehicle moving or sustain a low MPH. 'Serial Hybrid' uses electric motors "exclusively" to drive the vehicle and the combustion engine is used to power the electric motors and re-charge batteries. The "combustion engine" could be a small power plant that uses fuel cell tech, or Natural Gas, or gasoline the the size of the engine does not have to large. The electric motor has a lot of torque so it can handle any load or any application. Siemens has been around and produced electric motors since the late 1800s. Ford and Siemens could combine: Ford engines and vehicles with Siemens electric motors, controllers and other electronics to produce a planet loving vehicle product.
Dennis T 03/27/2012
Right-on Michael. The Electric Vehicle (EV) is great for the environment, but, BAD for long commutes. I have read about APEX brushless electric motors and their potential torque. Michael, like you said about the diesel/electric trains' power: why not auto or truck applications. The fuel savings would be there because the electric motor does the work and all the generator needs is to turn: like Hydro-electric power. Michael your right about the trucking industry: commerce on the move. More people need to help Ford see that the technology is here today: NOW.