Battery Size/Range Upgrade

Make it a dealer option to upgrade the battery size/range on the Focus Electric, C-Max Plug-in hybrid, or the wished for Focus 5-Door Plug-in Hybrid. This will allow the customer to configure the EV range to meet individual driving needs. Offer 25 or 50 mile upgrade modules.
Ramon Cardona 06/13/2011
While having a dealer option for a larger battery or more battery power installed, for most people this would be cost prohibitive. It would be best just to get to know the vehicle, how it operates and get the most mpgs possible. I have better technique in driving our 08 hybrid and usually get 3 to 4 more mpgs than my wife. It does take knowledge, practice and experience to operate a vehicle to its maximum efficiency possible. OK? It just does not happen all by itself. By the way, speeding everywhere you go is extremely wasteful. All you are doing is sending money to the pockets of oil executives. Drive steady, drive 60 mph and you will hardly notice a time difference to your destination but you will notice an increase in mpg performance. Remember, you cannot manage what you cannot, or will not, measure. It is your money, after all. OK? Good luck.