an electric Falcon

How about coming out with an electric Version of the old '60's series was economical, and affordable..there's still a bunch of those beast's running around..and most people don't really need all the touch screen stuff..just a simple, reliable, depandable form of transportation that is economical to purchase and maintain!!!...who knows maybe there'll be a 'electric mustang' in the future...
GARY JOHNSON 01/10/2011
I think it's high time that Ford put a basic car without all the fancy bells and whistles. Maybe then people with lower incomes could help put some money back into the the economy, and not have to fight with pouring money into old clunkers just to "get by".

My very first car was a '64 Falcon, and it was the perfect car for a kid just starting out in life. It was already 15 years old when I got it, and I swear you couldn't hurt that tough old bird!

I really think it was in the top 5% of the best cars I've owned in over 40 years driving.