American Mini Truck

By Max L.

Over the last few years over a dozen states have legalized , to some degree, imported Japanese "kei" trucks so that primarily farmers and ranchers could still access roads while using them for work. Their growing popularity as work and recreational vehicles is due to a combination of factors but many of the reasons relate to the size of the vehicle in some way, even if they could benefit from a couple more inches. While I'm sure it would be a limited market, I think with the discontinuation of the Ranger and the introduction of the 1.0 L EcoBoost engine a Ford Mini-Truck could be a great addition to the Ford catalog. It wouldn't be a huge money maker, but it would be a chance for Ford to Americanize a traditionally Japanese product. Not everyone who needs a truck wants an F-150, but they still want to drive American...
John Rock 01/13/2012
Wee need the Ranger get back!
Dick Montelbahn 11/09/2011
I think the local governments would go ape over something like that.
That's surely very much right idea!
Ford should give very special care for it's ranger that is:
not tough, not nice, not strong, not stable, not matter & much worse!
i wish that ford will make the strongest mini pickup truck not only f-150.