All of the above - Green/Tech

Hybrid CNG Vehicle w/ Regenerative Braking System, Optional Turbo? Digital dashboard - OLED/LED everywhere with HID Headlights. Solar skin on front/back dash board, Panoramic roof of vehicle for charging when in sunlight. (highway/parking lot) Carbon Fiber Body panels (Light Weight), Latest Sync apps w/4G LTE options. Finger print push to start. 12v Outlets. 5-star crash rating. Ability to fill up @ Home for CNG, and/or the ability to just swap out the tank (like a propane BBQ pit) @ a retail store, with the ability to have multiple tanks if needed for longer trips. Ex. 4 Slots, but you may populate 1/4 to reduce weight for city driving. The summary of the idea is to combine all of these green technologies into a single vehicle. These ideas are no longer how can we, its when will we do it?