Air energy

I am not a ford owner, however I feel you have truely stood stong and not let the government buy you off. Thus I want to share a vision with you. You have airscoops available for certain automobiles. The air goes through the scoop and passes over 3 individual motors with fan's placed on the shafts. The air is grabbed by the blades or the fans, thus generating electricity through the motor. Allow that power to be feed to the Energy sourse/battery. As no vechicle will run without energy/electricity. Have that on your new line up of green cars/trucks. Thanks for your time.
Warrior R 07/22/2014
Marinus D. thats foryour feedback and your right. Have the grill designed to send air downwards first then the dust or sand that can come in the grill on occasion could be filted out. Leaving nothing to hinder the blades and allowing maximum energy.
Marinus d 04/11/2014
great idea, it could also be implemented at the grill.