air electric hybrid

By Tom P.

 I think compressed air could play a big part in the future of automobile transportation. Use compressed air and a air motor to power an onboard charging system to extend the driving range of the electric car. Companies in France and India are building these small air powered cars that can run for 2 or 3 hours on a tank of compressed air. You could run a onboard generator instead to keep the batteries charged. The EV charging stations could have a compressed air supply and you could fill your tank in a few minutes. With a high pressure air compressor at home you could refill your air tank along with charging the batteries.
Fred G 02/14/2014
Yes I saw a tv show about the compressed air car in India. It has a compressor that can be powered in reverse to power the car or run by a motor plugged into your home to refill the tanks in the car. Local cabs are running on the air too. Yet the 4,000 psi tanks can cause problems if the air is not dry.
Edith S 02/10/2014
I love the idea.