I recently bought a Ford Fusion Energi SE. I'm still getting oriented to all the technology it has to offer, but i'm thus far very impressed by what I've seen. I have to mention that when I began shopping, I never had any intentions of purchasing a Ford because of the negative stigma attached to the brand of just being a line of mediocre vehicles. The new Fusions are visually appealing, and so while driving by the dealership, it caught my attention and so I stopped to have a closer look. I wasn't impressed at first, the lower level models just seemed like a cheap impersonation of another brand. However, after being introduced to the Energi SE model and informed of its capabilities, I was immediately sold! There lies my idea. Ford has amazing technology that a lot of people aren't yet aware of. Instead of packaging this amazing hybrid/electric technology in a distracting lookalike model, why not help the Ford brand evolve by making a new, similarly attractive, affordable model and name it 'Ability'! (A Ford Ability/ affordabilty). Launch it for summer when everyone's travelling and worried about prices at the pumps. I can hear the ad now "These are difficult economic times, and so consumers have been forced to decide which fuel they purchase based on affordability and performance. We're here to help, by removing fuel from that equation, we give you a Ford Ability with performance!" I know you guys can do much better than that but i'm sure you get the message. Hope you find the idea worth consideration.