A Truly Green Driving Machine

By Gail D.

The C-Max Energi was the car of my dreams until I learned that it is only available with a full leather interior. It seems counter-intuitive to manufacture a "green" vehicle that only offers cowhide interiors, when the UN reported in 2006 that rearing cattle for food (which is where the leather comes from), produces more greenhouse gases than all vehicle emissions in the world combined. My idea for a truly green driving machine is a C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid vehicle with cloth or recycled-material seating and interior option. I'd buy one in a heartbeat!
Al M 02/14/2014
Why Ford doesn't offer cloth interiors in it's upper level trims is beyond me.  Also offer more color choices than just black.  As soon as you go into the upper trims you get stuck with leather whether you want it or not, and I don't!   Cloth would lower the cost plus it has other advantages.  Why this isn't being done is not logical. 
Ross S 01/25/2013
As a matter of comfort and practicality in the southwest, leather is a mistake. When the temperature outside is 100, it is over 120 in the car. Sitting on leather in that kind of heat hurts. The leather sticks and doesn't breath. The dog gets in and scratches the leather. Or scrapes a hole in it. Cloth doesn't burn. Cloth doesn't stick (unless the kids spill something). Cloth breaths. Cloth can be easily repaired.
Gail D 01/02/2013
Brilliant idea! I wonder why Ford didn't think of it!
Laura M 01/02/2013
As an ethical vegan and someone who is passionate about green living,, I would encourage Ford to be the leader in real green cars. There are plenty of non animal sourced fabrics that would fit with a hybrid vehicle. Make a bold statement and use fabric made from recycled materials in your C-Max plug in hybrid. Your consumer market would increase as well.
Yvonne S 01/02/2013
I would never buy a new car with leather seats. Thank you so much for posting this. Leather is not eco-friendly for a variety of reasons, including the ones above, but also the chemicals used for tanning, etc. Leather also promotes cruelty, which most people don't support.