A true full size Hybrid SUV

The Ford Explorer is just one idea away from greatness. There are fake Hybrids out there; they still only get MPG’s in the twenty’s. There is no full size true SUV Hybrid. Merge the 2.0 Eco Boost With Hybrid technology and you have a full size SUV that gets 40MPG with plenty of HP. That’s Revolutionary. Ford would own the market.
Michael B 07/18/2012
Add this with a plug-in hybrid (Energi) to the Explorer and it would be perfect!!!
Dennis T 05/24/2012
Go to the next step: use a smaller EcoBoost engine to turn a generator and power electric motors (MORE TORQUE) and trickle-charge batteries. The 'Serial Hybrid' concept is used in Diesel-Electric Locomotives. By using less fuel the MPG of a Serial-Hybrid would add unlimited range to EVs. Electric motors would be better at towing and moving large vehicles and loads.