A smarter hybrid car

Imagine a Hybrid car like we have never seen or imagined before. This car I am going to be describing would be describing the future of the C-Max.
You might wonder what we could do more to this car, but technology's going to turn this into a smart automobile which will learn how you drive and upload that data to the cars computer and used to help you drive better.
Imagine the hybrid system we have now in Fords but now send it to NASA to get smarter.
The beginning of this technology would start with the computer or the brain of the car. The car would include an accelerometer and gyroscope to help the car learn much like a smartphone can understand the x y z axis.
The next step would be to include a GPS unit to track where you are. Unlike current systems the car does not know that you are going to be coasting down a hill which can be used to regenerate the battery or used to help you drive a better route based on GPS data fed from other cars.
Smart cars with brains to help is drive better and more efficiently while still letting the driver be in control.
The last and final piece of the puzzle would be to upload this data to the internet and inform the driver of their habits.

Why even think of something like this? Because I want to drive better and have the car try and help me be better without taking full control. Maybe while going down that hill I should apply the break 3/4 of the way down to regenerate more efficiently. Maybe setting cruise control will be smarter because the car will know when to coast better.

Brad B 04/03/2013
Hey Ford & Michael V! My C-Max already is close to this. The C-Max already has the ability to adapt to the driver's style. As it learns your routine destinations you'll see the EV take over more and more from the gas engine. I'd like a optional 110vt charger that could be connected to full charge the battery say once a week. If this were available I'd use even less gas. On a normal month I'm using 1 & 1/2 tanks of fuel. On a trip to Florida I drove for my neighbor. Her Expedition took 4 tanks of fuel for the round trip, roughly 41 gals per filling. My C-Max Herbie tool just over 33 gallons for the whole trip. Around town 45 to 48 mpg, an on a trip to Wilmington NC ... 52.8 mpg. Love my C-Max an dealer.