A more engaging Hybrid

I love the idea of using vines/flowers to show the driver how green they are growing. I think it is more intuitive than just seeing a round colorchanging emblem on your dash. However, I would like to take it a step farther. Something that is always captivating to people is underwater life. How about you do a fishbowl/aquarium. The entire system can be driven by how green you drive. You can have different fish for different levels of driving as well. If you drive over so many miles at a certain level you get rewarded with another fish. You drive worse and the fish tank becomes polluted and therefore begins killing your fish. The key to the game is to have as many fish in there as you can. The better you drive the more exotic the fish. So, if I drive 200 miles and average 40MPG I will get a Angel fish, but if I drive 100 miles and only get 25MPG I will get a Gold Fish. The next key to this idea is to have an app that will sync with your phone. You can share the data on a through the app with other drivers of that vehicle, and even see what other poeple in your area have swimming in their fish tank. Reward your drivers and they will reward themselves with better MPG's making your drivers even happier to drive their vehicle.
Brad G 07/26/2013
We've driven both and love them. Fors has a Prius killer but doesn't act like it. The Prius plug-in doesn't even compare the Energi. Why isn't Ford promoting the C-Max??? Come on Ford wake up!!!!!! Please and get your dealers on board too. They are clueles &/or don't care about the C-Max. We had to drive almost 4 hour there and back to test drive both models. Concern I have is the Ford says 47mpg many people are saying the only get 38mpg and you say you are getting high 40s.