A different engine.

History has taught us much and some things are worth remembering. The Sterling Engine was invented in 1850, I powered much of europe industry for half a century, even
powered a car, but was religated to history with the invention of steam and gas engines.
The original Sterling was heavy, and relative weak compared to the fuel required to run it.
It was uncontrolable, and unreliable then but technology and objectives have changed much in the last 50yrs. I worked on the Sterling principal and think i have solved most of the Sterlings problems. (portablity, horsepower, torque and the fuel problem) The prototype was able to power a generator (which was the original idea to produce a reliable emergency generator that didnt require fuel and produce deadly exhaust)
Battery or electric cars seems to be the buzz word right now but i doubt it is a long term
solution due to the finite servicable life, disposing of these high tech batteries will be a problem, keeping them charged, and the extra weight will keep their performance down so I would submit that a Sterling Based principal is a more reliable solution as it consumes no fuel and produces no emmisions....you cant get greener that that.
harold c 02/07/2013
The power is produced in an outside compression chamber heated with electricity, power is supplied by a battery and generator as your car does now, this is accomplished in several ways, one is with heating elements which raises the operating fluid from ambient temperature
to over 1000 degrees and produces a lot of power. a example would be to put an aerosi can empty and raise the temperature to 800 degrees, this should not be done as the can will explode. now picture
this energy being delivered to a piston at double the rate of a gasoline
engine. This engine does not need an exhaust system, fuel tank or system, a cooling system, nor a complicated and expensive computer to moniter it.. Cheap to produce as any current engine can be modified
to the sterling. This system took me over 5yrs of work to perfect and my motivation was every time the car co. produced a car with more mileage the oil companies raised the price of gas. this should drive them crazy.
harold c 02/05/2013
This Sterling resembles the original mostly in name only. It is powered by
a generator (as is your car) it is no longer a 2 or 4 cycle engine and produces as much power as any comperable gasoline engine, with less weight , it is more efficent than gas or disel as no energy is wasted on power consuming compression, and intake stroke of the piston. Power is applied to the crankshaft with every cycle produceing twice as much usealbe energy as it gas conterparts.
Stan U 02/03/2013
Where does the energy for your sterling engine come from if it consumes no fuel?
Jeffrey Z 02/01/2013
Of course the Sterling engine must use some type of fuel, It's operation is fully dependent on heat, which cannot generate itself. The engines are also grossly inefficient and are low torque/low power. They may be fine for a power supply, or a remote irrigation pump, but they are far from being flexible enough to power any full sized vehicle.