a better way to achieve high MPG

i have learned through many vehicles that attaining high MPG is NOT to put in a 4 cylinder engine into larger cars and SUV's. i say keep the v6 or go back to putting in a v8 in them. see, most car manufacturers think that by downsizing the engine size increases gas mileage. well that is true when on the highway, but there is a major draw back on that. 4 cylinder engines in something as big as a SUV have to struggle to get the said vehicle up to the highway speed, therefore losing fuel in the process. the more the engine has to work, the more fuel it consumes. my 97 Thunderbird had a 4.6L v8. had slightly over 200 HP. that little v8 got well over 30MPG with no addons. being that it was a v8 it could propell that car with very little effort and the driver of said car was then rewarded with greater fuel savings. the way gas prices are today saving gas is everything. and the answer is not to incorporate a tiny I-4 that cant even get out of its own way. the answer is to adapt better fuel saving technology to v6, I-6 and V8 engines. in short, the bigger the engine, the less power it has to use to propell the vehicle. which equals out to greater gas milage and better fuel savings. you see, the ECO-boost tech can be incorporated into a small v8 like a 4.6 or maybe even the 3.8 v8 that was in the 02-05 thunderbirds to increase power and fuel economy at the same time. the answer isnt to remove the bigger engines. the answer is to make them more fuel efficient.
Devin M 12/12/2012
I agree, also what not consider putting the option where the car shuts off when you come to a stop? this would greatly help my MPGs on my F150 since I do a lot of city driving and apparently love to stop at red lights all the time (thank you civil engineers of Louisville on the traffic patterns). Also, has ford considered building there frames out of carbon fiber? There are many studies that have been done that says we will drastically reduce the weight of the car and improve mpg drastically. if it cost an extra $500-$1000 to build the truck this way, I will gladly pay for it!!!!
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford ! Sorry Chris M but you are wrong. My driving experience has always been with 4 cyc engines and one in a while a small V-6. Most American drivers expect too much of a 4 cyc engine. They have either left a large V-8 or V-6. They become disenchanted, quickly. I feel you fall into this group. Having honed my driving practice on 4 cyc engines I see them as having the power to get out of their own way. The driver has to change their mind set about driving. Take for example getting on the interstate, you learn to give more exit on-ramp distance. Believe it or not most 4-cyc drivers are more courteous drivers. We have more of a tendency to give and take. My son lives in Florida, on my 4 cyc Fusion I average between 39 to 41 mpg from NC to FL. How, driving on average 65 mph vrs the 70 mph speed limit. And if I have the road to myself (from about 2 am to 6 am, I leave early) I'll run 60 mph. 65 = 39 mpg and 60 = 40 to 40.3 mpg. Chris find another car in the same size of a Fusion with the V-6 or V-8 and match this. Like it or not Chris, 4-cyc engines are here, also here is the fact Americans of all types need to change their driving practices, and get away from the SUVs and large 4WD trucks unless there is a genuine need. For instance why drive something like a Chevy Suburban that gets maybe 12 mph in city driving when a Ford Flex hauls just as many parents and kids and will give you close to 20 mpg around town. Again, changing the mind set. I hooked up with Ford in 2009, never looked back. Our first ford a 4 cyc Escape, darn near bullet proof and gives me 32.8 mpg on the road. I am looking at replacing my Fusion with a '13 SE Escape with the 1.6 ecoboost. With my driving style I expect to see around 37 mpg and even better once broke in. The 1.6 ecoboost give you nearly 180 hp. I have been called Robert MacNamara the 2nd. I'll take that nick name and wear it proudly. RM and myself believe in the three R's , reduce, repurpose, and recycle, and drive a nice vehicle, a comfortable vehicle,and one that delivers great value. Ford has done this with the Fusion, Escape, Explorer, Flex, F-Series Trucks, and set the WOW factor high with the new Fusion and Escape, and raised the Hybrid Bar with the new C-Max. It's a new world Chris.