.82/gallon - CNG Prep for All!

By Lee P.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is 82 CENTS per gallon where I live. I would like to be able to special-order ANY Ford Vehicle with a CNG prep package. BAF (Ford's authorized CNG upfitter) says it will not go through the EPA certification process to certify a system if Ford does not first offer the engine with the Prep Package. All of the Pickups & E-Series Vans offer it -- Offer it on the Expedition as well and trickle down to everything else.
Benefits to CNG:
Cleaner Burning - less emissions than a Prius and less Engine wear
130 Octane!
92% of Natural Gas is domestically produced. NO reliance on foreign oil!!
Cheaper Cost-per-Mile than ANY gasoline car on the market.
(take cost of Gas divided by mpg to get cost per mile. Now, do the calculation with CNG at $0.82/gallon).
Greener than a Prius -- and NO Batteries!
Carl W 05/29/2012
It only seems logical.. It's available on the F650 and F750s... I was also for Crown Victorias too.. Honestly Can you imagine the gasoline costs if people filled up at home every day?? DO IT FORD!! For your own good!!
Curtis H 04/05/2012
It would be nice to be able to use this type fuel however i fear price will go on up just like diesel has and will probably continue to do in coming years. In the 73101 area CNG is already $1.71 .
Never the less it could double in price and still be under what gasoline might cost in the comiing years . Engine oils formulated for such duty can run on out to 20k miles per change - another plus albeit a small one .

If we don't have chance to buy new light duty pickups or cars with lower MSRP's , many of us won't be driving a vehicle anyway when cost of ownership and price per mile exceeds 50 percent of a days wages kinda situation.
Lee P 04/03/2012
mclark11 - Michael R is right. Since bi-fuel engines are designed to handle 87-91 octane gasoline, they don't have the higher compression ratios to take advantage of 130 octane natural gas. Studies say there is an 8% reduction in mpg with CNG. So in the real world, you'll see roughly the same milage as gasoline with a GGE of CNG -- but at a cost of 80% LESS than gasoline!
N. R 03/25/2012
You're not alone dude, a lot of people think this is a good idea, including myself. I've posted an idea on the subject, and so have a few other people. Hopefully Ford will listen to us, and keep themselves from succumbing to the world of electric cars. But that’s just the dream.
Michael R 03/25/2012
CNG is sold on a gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) basis. A GGE has the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline, so the miles per GGE are the same as MPG, all other things being equal. The original poster is correct about the current price of CNG on a GGE basis, and this is without any government subsidies, which all expired at the end of 2011. This means that CNG can stand on its own based on cost savings without government support.
mclark11 03/23/2012
There's not enouugh information to make a good decision on this. At 82 cents per gallon how many miles per gallon of CNG do you get. If it's only 4 miles than that's 1/5 as much as gasoline which means that the cost is really 4.00 per gallon. If you get 40 miles per gallon than it equates to much better savings (2X) so it'd be liek 40 cents per gallon. The problem with CNG is that it's compressed; meaning you actually get much less combustible material than if you got a gallon of gasoline... There may also be a goverment tax subsidy which may go away at any time which could make the price skyrocket suddenly if the support is dropped.