8 speed transmissions

By Matt G.

This is not a new idea; however, 8 speed transmissions are getting more attention in recent years. They, like all great ideas, start with expensive luxury brands, then trickle down to commuters. I believe Ford needs to incorporate these first in Lincoln models along with the F-150. Later models, such as 2015, should be included in the fusion. I am a lifelong Ford owner, but we need to anticipate trends 5-10 years in advance. It is more of a gamble to be one of the few large auto makers that do not offer an 8-speed transmission.
A prime example of how I have been let down in the past, is with my previous Taurus models 2000 and newer that came with a factory cassette deck. CD players were cheap and popular at the time my 2000 and 2001 Tauruses were built. I couldn't even walk into a department store to buy a cassette, so why would my vehicle come equipped with one?