7 passenger compact hybrid ?

By R2 D.

Why does Europe have the CMAX Grand to move families, while US must use Full Size, large gas tanked family movers ? The 2013 CMAX hybrid as released will only add another vehicle in the crowded compact crossover market. Just add BACK the 3rd row and the opponents are reduced to one ! Use the hybrid engine then only FORD will own the market !! FORD has the everything already, a hybrid engine, the vehicle, and sales experience from the Euro market. Bring the inovation HOME, and let US enjoy what the Europeans have had for several years. Or must the US look to the far east to get the efficient, econo family mover? FORD why ?!!
Bret T 05/02/2012
This is exactly why I came to this forum. I have an old mini-van and I need a new 7-passenger vehicle. I want one that can get good gas miliage. You have it in Europe, why not sell it here?

I'm sure there are many families in the same position who would love to replace their minivan, so why not provide something for this unfilled hole in the US auto market?
Brad B 04/29/2012
Hey Ford ! Another voice asks for the Grand C-Max. I'd be pleased to see the UK Focus Estate Wagon sold in the States. I was ready last year to put a deposit down and special order a GC-Maxx to replace an aging stationwagon, It looks like we won't see a stationwagon, so I'll be taking my humble stationwagon into the repair shop and spend around $2 grand and give my old friend a full mechanical refit. This is how devoted stationwagon owners are to their humble friends. I coined a phrase not to long ago on another automotive site ..... Station Wagon people don't make good mini-van customers, and we really don't make good suv/crossover customers at either. My aging stationwagon despite her years gives me 26 mpg city, and around 31 mpg highway. Her lines are still graceful, her interior comfortable, her spirit willing. My wife and I own a horse farm and our wagon with a small 5'X8' trailer handles the day to day duties now for close to 14 years. My sister's F-250 pulls the large 3 horse trailer when needed. Most people own a SUV because they can't get anything else. Another thought too many times I've been asked to sell my stationwagon, or do you (me) know where I might find one since you're not interested in selling. I know Ford listens to it's customers, now please react in a positive fashion. Robert MacNamara gave us the Falcon/Fairlane in both Sedans and Wagons, we need Robert's inspiration again. Give us a Fairlane stationwagon similar to the 1960's but with proven front wheel drive and make it sensible. Give us the Ecoboost engines, automatics, and a few bells and whistles. The sync feature is OK, but something I don't need nor have used on my Fusion SEL.