4-Door Ford Ranger Turbo Diesel

By Doug D.

A 4-door Ford Ranger with a small but powerful turbo diesel engine. The cab should fit 4 full-sized adults. Save some weight by installing a short bed. Finally, give it a 5th gear (overdrive) that is well "above" the previous 4 gears and which is meant only for long-distance highway travel. As a former Ford Ranger owner, I would like to be able load my family in the truck, drive a thousand miles to the mountains, and do so at 30 miles per gallon. Build that and I will buy another Ford product.
carlos 08/18/2013
Ford Ranger as a Mini-Raptor,TDI and Multi-Flex engines as choices,4 doors also,T-top,Moonroof and a convertible also similar to the old Ford Bronco and 7 inch GPS Audio system.
SportTrac4now 08/06/2013
In the mean time, why not just offer the Global T6 Ranger that's already available internationally in the US? My Sport Trac's getting long in the tooth, but no way I'll buy a full sized F150 4 door. Too big. I guess Ford will just push me to Toyota or Nissan...
Jason 12/02/2011
Bring the 2.8L Powerstroke to the US so we can stop trying to figure out how to get one here from South America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim 04/16/2010
I want a Crew cab I would like a diesel will not see it in the us, I would love the 3.7 liter in a Raptor or FX4 version Ranger. Yes a short bed with all the bells and whistle's I stll love my 4.0 1998 Ranger step side with the off-road pkg (pre FX4) I'm chomping at the bit Ford, please give us a new Ranger.