I think another wise decision would be to have an optional deisel engine for the ranger. Something that cranks out 300ft-Lb torque and can deliver great fuel economy, 40+ mpg.
Mick 06/01/2014
While the current model Ford Ranger is priced relatively high in the European and Australian markets when compared to the previous domestic models, it would seem to offer several distinct advantages for many full size truck owners:• 3,000 lb payload and 7,700 lb towing capacities are substantial for most non-commercial applications.• Stylish and modern exterior design in a more compact size that may actually fit in the average garage.• 24 mpg combined and 31 mpg highway from a 200 hp/350 fpt 3.2 liter turbo diesel.If this vehicle were available in the U.S. market at a price point at or below the equivalent model in an F-150 , I’d buy one tomorrow.
amaury g 02/06/2014
The Diesel Ranger with The 3.2 duratorq I5 with the 200hp. Is a great vehicle, with incredible offroad performance.
James B 01/18/2014
I would buy a diesel Ford Ranger in a heart beat!!! I have been looking for a small diesel pickup for months, and they just aren't out there. I really don't understand it. People tell me it's all about fuel emissions, which can't be true, because there are plenty of 8 cyl diesels spitting out black all over the highways. Anyways, I second this idea!!!