2015 ford s max hybrid

By Jake J.

Ford realizes that it needs to have a van in its lineup to compete with foreign manufacturers such as Honda's Odyssey, Nissan's Quest, and Mazda's 5. So to compete in this market they are already going to bring the S Max to American shores for the 2015. They should make a hybrid power trains available to further expand their hybrid only lineup that they started with the c maxs. For this model to be viable it would have to not be extremely expensive since it is competing with conventional gas powered vans. The price of the hybrid s max would have to be around $37500 and get around 24 in city and 33 on highway. its styling should be influenced by the c max and fusion.
Miguel 08/28/2013
I live in Europe (Portugal) and have a diesel S-Max. I love this car and only regret it's not... hybrid! If Ford were to make a hybrid/diesel S-Max, I guarantee I'd be among the first buyers.
Emil M 03/27/2013
We have a brand new C-Max. We absolutely love it! Feels and looks like a Mercedes compared to the 2010 Prius my wife just totaled! When the S-Max comes to the U.S., I am buying one! Hybrid would be nice, but I would especially love it with the turbo diesel engine!
I just bought a new C-Max and if Ford brings the S-Max to America I buy one when it becomes time to replace my C-Max.
Isaac J 01/12/2013
Im not sure about the S-Max coming but I know for sure the 2014 Transit Connect is supposed to be the van we consumers have been begging for. lol