2015 Ford Ranger

By John H.

Why not a unibody Ranger based on the new Escape or Focus platform with an ecoboost motor to give it over 30 miles per gallon?
dave m 09/30/2014
I would love to see any new small/midsize new Ford Ranger replacement. My 2007 won't last forever.
jon b 04/14/2014
i am seriously looking at getting a chevy colorado. since you guys don't want to bring back the ranger
Brad B 03/03/2014
Hey Ford ! I've even got the name picked out ... Ranchero II.
devilmonkey 02/19/2014
since Ford wont sell me a new ranger looks like i'll be buying a chevy colorado this year.... or maby i'll buy their diesel next year at least goverment motors is listening to us.
LacombeLT 02/12/2014
I have followed several Ranger message boards since the announcement that Ford was discontinuing it in North America.  There is a limited model produced in Mexico, or at least there was.  I have spoken to a couple local dealerships, and they do not think we will see a return of the Ranger. For one, I have had to go to a part time use of my 01 3.0 truck.  It has 280k mi, and needs a replacement rear axle. I have been hoping, like a lot of people for the return. But I am beginning to loose hope. Toyota Tacoma is starting to appear as my only option.  I will certainly miss my Ranger
Jason F 01/28/2014
Iowned a Sport-tracand got rid of it when I moved South.  I am now I'm in the market again for a small truck and would purchase the new ranger in a heartbeat. I hope the rumors are true.
Just on a side note, wouldn't a desiel engine opt would be amazing in a Ranger!
Eric Doucet 01/23/2014
Bring over the overseas ranger. Looks good, available diesel, quad cab... Its a no brainer. Ford needs to spend some time on some of the ranger forums out there and realize everyone loved these trucks. I dont need an F150, and I dont want a chevy/dodge, so I am forced to buy a used Ranger. I would snatch up a diesel quad cab euro ranger tomorrow if they were available.
Sarge 01/03/2014
Ford had better do something fast. I will be looking for something new this Fall. I,m a diehard ford man but if they don't bring a replacement out I will be forced to look at the Chevy Colorada will will be out this fall
Owen Knott 12/20/2013
Terrible ideas. Ford needs to bring out a Raptor version of a Ranger with the Eco 3.5 in it. If they try to sell that disgusting looking truck they have overseas, the cute little euro-styled Ranger, it will flop here. If you won't give us that, give us an Eco-Raptor!!!!
Ranger_4.0_Fan 12/07/2013
I seriously hope Ford doesn't try to build a front drive based 'truckelet' and pass it off as a Ranger. Build a simple, durable, body on frame based truck, no unibody nonsense. A turbo motor could be optional, but a solid, reliable non turbo must be standard. And for goodness sake, keep the Sync nonsense as an option. Some of us actually prefer simple knobs to control lights, environmental controls, and radio's. I won't buy any vehicle that requires such things to be controlled by a touchscreen. I've been a Ford guy since I started driving 35 years ago, have owned many over the years. but I wouldn't buy most of what is currently offered.
Jack 12/06/2013
Listen up Ford. Dump the inefficient Explorer Trac and bring the Ranger with 30+ Mpg. Most people looking for a small pickup use it to go to the local hardware store and pick up some lumber, load their bikes, load ice chest and gear for a picnic/family event. Most of us DO NOt Needthe Horsepower and Torque of a full sized pickup. MAKe It HAPPEn!
Juston P 08/18/2013
I want a performance based Awd Ranger. Similar to the 91 G.M.C. Syclone. With todays tech, turbos, and mpg's... 60/40 bench no matter what though. I hate the intrusive center consoles.
Todd DeMatteo 06/29/2013
Comment on this article! I like what Ford did with the Focus. We just bought one. Bring back the Ranger!
jimminy cricket 04/17/2013
a small truck with a small diesel engine has worked for decades. for some reason it never caught on in the us. it can be done if it's done cheaply with a very utilitarian side to it. i wonder if ford can still do a small cheap truck with no gimmicks.
Terry H 04/16/2013
I currently drive a 2010 f150 4x4 , since retiring I don't need a full size truck, wish Ford would bring the Ranger back in th U.S. We own an ecoboost model Escape with the 2.0 -- love it, a Ranger with an eco boost engine would sell in the states.
wsuter 04/13/2013
Read the reviews of the 2013 Ranger available outside the US. Great looking truck....reminds me of the Toyota Hilux which offers turbo diesel engines in small pickups...comments here highlight a desire for a truck with good gas mileage....some of us just need to through some bikes or kayaks in the back and not tow too much...please consider bringing your Ranger back to the US.
Randy R 04/05/2013
understanding the F-150 can do everything a Ford ranger can, but today's economy the compact sized truck with great gas mileage would meet more small business wants and needs then a full sized truck and if offered with improved gas mileage it will shine from the rest.
looking forward to trading in my 2001 F 150 for a Ranger. I do not want or need the capability of the F150
Kevin S 03/21/2013
If it can carry sheet rock, I'm listening
Max K 03/18/2013
I like this idea. I'm ready to buy one today! Or, how about importing an current model from Austrailia or South Africa if it's FWD.
Richard P 03/17/2013
Sounds good to me. But is Ford listening? I sort of doubt it unfortunately. Brining back a small pickup with GOOD gas milage would be a winner.
Chad 03/03/2013
It could look like a mini F150 like jeep is doing with their Grand Cherokee and last Compass and new Cherokee. I liked the idea of the 3.5 EcoBoost but the real world mpg weren't any better than the 5.0. I have a 2005 ranger but the engine choices were terribly inefficient. The 3.0 only had 140ish horsepower while other companies 3.0s had over 200 horsepower. An aluminum body Ranger/F100 with a 2.0 EcoBoost would weight about the same as the new escape and have more horsepower than the last ranger 4.0. This should mean around 28 mpg hwy and be able to tow 5000 lbs. If the Ranger was never discontinued and instead Ford swapped the 4.0 for the 2.0 EcoBoost would have kept the towing the same and boosted epa hwy mpg from 19 to 28 respectively. Think what that would have done for sales!