2013 Ford Focus Electric Hatchback can be made better

hello, ok here we go . turn the drive shaft into a bunch of small electric generators, this can be done at each wheel and should be 4wd . if you had 1 on each wheel and say 4 on the drive shaft the car it self becomes the fule, the more you drive the more you can just keep going this would make the whole plug and play latter even less of a big deal. 75 miles on 1 charge lol byby. most ppl could not make the drive to the ocean. the tecks need to think of it in the same way as thay did the battery system, not 0ne big battery but a bunch of small that surge as 1 . same thing with the electric generators , hell i got 50 ideas of how id do it . even if the 75 miles went to say 300 or 500 you could not make them fast enough to keep up with the demand!
John 09/11/2012
Electric motors in each wheel was invented in the 1930's. Jay Leno loves to show off this car in his collection.
Brian S 08/24/2012
I thought of a similar thing recently. in the future, with so many electric cars on the road we won't really need the conventional driveshaft. it should evolve into a system controlled by wires running to a motor connected to each wheel, which would also allow basically any car to be AWD and since each wheel could be controlled independently, the handling, steering and other driving dynamics would eventually become much more controlled. the only engineering problem in my mind is what if one of those motors or electric controllers fails, then you have a car which suddenly steers off the road or simply shuts down while travelling down the road in traffic at 75mph.