2012 Ford Focus SFE Model

There needs to be a clear 40mpg SFE Model of the Focus Sedan with a web page that highlights the technology that makes it different. Like GM does with the Cruze Eco. Instead of making SFE just an option, when it's really only available on the SE model and sedan body style. Right now it's just confusing for no reason. And there should also be an SFE Model of both the Sedan and 5-Door. One of the benefits of a dedicated SFE model, is that it also allows for the current engine to be tuned more for efficiency than performance to surpass the now average 28/40 SFE mileage numbers, or just add the 1.6 ecoboost engine tuned for efficiency(30+/45+) and start-stop technology.
Greg 12/08/2011
2012 Ford Focus Pro:
1. Excellent fuel economy (now getting 31.5 combined)
2. Pretty quiet for a small car
3. Acceleration seems quicker than its rated time.
4. Comfortable ergonomics in seating.
2012 Ford Focus Con:
1. Did someone intentionally forget to engineer places to put things?!? Impossible to reach glove box, too small center console storage, no "nooks" for items to be placed. Needs a storage compartment on the dash like other imports or the Dodge Caliber.
2. Back seat legroom scanty with a 68" driver in the front seat.
3. Way too many rattles headliner, seat belt inertia reels, dash.

All in all car is growing on me but wish I hadn't had to buy a back of seat storage unit to put things. Thanks for your time. Greg