2.5 Duratec engine for current ford ranger

By Eric G.

I would love to see the new 2.5L duratec put into the current ford ranger. I assume that it gets better fuel economy than the 2.3 because it does better in the Ford Escape and Ford Fusion. Also if you were to do this setup I would LOVE to see a 2.5 with 4 wheel drive model too. Even if you couldnt put the 2.5L into the ranger I would still love to see the 2.3L with 4 wheel drive. I know its an old outdated truck but it serves its purpose well. Not everybody wants to drive a full size truck. I also wouldnt mind seeing a more modern v6 in there too. Because the 4wd 4.0L gets the same type of gas mileage that the full size f150 gets. This is the last true compact pickup in america and its a damn good one too!
Charles F 12/05/2012
Nice, creative mods.. And the gain in fuel savings make them worthwhile.. Kudos..
TomTom4049 06/24/2012
I'd love to see a Jaguar AJ 2.5 V6 in a Ranger (out of a X-Type) more power than the Ford version. It gets 30.2 mpg highway in my AWD X-Type. Also needs a 5 speed transmission with similar gear ratios as the Jag. Very responsive for a small engine. 203 HP? My 93 Ranger std. cab has the 3.0 and A4LD and it gets 30 on the highway on regular with only a few mods. Not a powerhouse mind you, but good on gas. Oxford white with dark red interior. I added dark red Mustang-style racing stripes on lower rocker panels, a mesh upper & lower grille, ditched the factory air inlet tube from MAF to throttle body with a SPECTRE flex tube, removed heat riser and hose to air cleaner, removed plastic "reducer" behind the grille, opened up the air inlet port behind the right headlight and ditched the restrictive "rain shield". Drilled holes in bottom corners and lots in the lower back side of the air cleaner box so if water gets in (or sand) it can shake or drain out. Added a in-line filter on the PCV to throttle body hose, keeps the TB nice and clean. I use a little CRC carbon cleanout or Berryman's chemtool with every fillup (Rangers are known to carbon up pretty badly). Switched from Autolite AP104 plugs to NGK 3186 (TR5GP) and am very happy with those (didn't change the gap). Gibson single inlet/dual outlet 2-chamber muffler with side exit exhaust behind the wheels.