2.0 eco diesel

Bring the 2.0 eco boost diesel to the USA and 1.0 eco boost gas please. This is the home of FORD why have all the latest engine tec in europe?
David 11/27/2012
I agree with Justin, This is not a "whether Ford can do it or not" obviously they are doing it! The problem is in the US big oil runs the show along with farmers. What would happen when all of a sudden you bring 60-80 mpg vehicles in running on diesel into this country? Corn prices drop because everyone would be running diesel and no one would be buying gasoline (petrol) vehicles therefore no demand for ethanol. Definitely someone high up putting the kabosh to Ford's manufacturing here in good ol' USA.
Justin L 11/16/2012
We keep getting told that Americans don't like Diesel; this is the old tool of power of suggestion. It is not true, everyone I talk to says they'd love a Diesel, look at the popularity of the power strokes and diesel in other medium duty trucks. I truly believe that the oil companies are behind this, they don't want the expense of refitting the refineries and the loss of volume due to Diesel engines being 40%+ more efficient and the opportunities for bio-diesel, add to that they are also more environmentally friendly, especially bio diesel.
Mike C 11/09/2012
If the Focus or Fusion had the diesel option it would be a no brainer for me. Otherwise, I'll probably buy a golf TDI
Mark R 10/19/2012
The 1.6 Ford Focus diesel in the UK gets 83.1 mpg. No excuse for not having that option available in the US. No excuse at all.
Mark R 10/18/2012
Not just that. The 1.6 litre diesel in the Focus gets 83.1 mpg. That's right, eighty-three miles per gallon! It just completely boggles the mind that this is not offered as standard on the US.