1/2 ton diesel pickup

Produce a 1/2 ton pickup with a diesel motor that acheives a minimum of 30MPG while using 3:54 or lower gearing. And keep a realistic pricetag please. This is meant for functionality and effeciency (1/2 ton diesel). No premium pricing as incurred on 3/4 and 1 ton trucks offered currently.
DeCox 05/22/2013
waiting ,for this to happen. know the isuzu in line four with turbo will get over 30mpg in an cabover truck . think this would be the way to go. ford already has the know how it's just the when. probably waiting to see how the market accepts the dodge V-6 diesel
alan 05/20/2013
its long over due looks like dodge is coming out with one this year ford probably does have a lot of engines to choose from but it has to offer decent performance and better mpg than there gas engines, along with reliability. pretty much what ford has had in there 3/4 and larger pickups for awhile now wouldn't think it would be to hard to come up with a smaller version for a 1/2 ton.
tom raub 04/13/2013
on some modern farm tractors there's a park start spot on manual transmissions let them reintroduce I think a diesel engine in a 1/2 tons agreat idea
Nathan S 08/15/2012
Don, we are not reinventing the wheel here. Ford has a number of smaller displacement diesels in thier toolbox that they are selling around the globe. Why not bring some of the engines home where they are needed?
Lyndon E 03/12/2012
Ford already had a 4.5 L V6 made by International. They had a bad falling out after the 6.0 problems that where apparently both partys mistakes. Ford also built a 4.4 L For Land Rover Made in Mexico that could be a good 1/2 ton motor. I would love to see a inline 4 with half the displacement of there new 6.7 L motor. It could make 400 Lb Ft of torque In theory. The problem would be how smooth it ran and would they ruin it by makeing it smoother. I get 14-15 MPG towing a Gooseneck Camper in my 2000 Cummins while my friend gets 5-6 MPG in his 1996 Ford with a 460 Gas motor. Same gearing, 4x4s, extended cabs, long beds, automatics. Only difference is mine is a Diesel and his is Gas. Problem with Ford right now is they just brought out there ecoboost V6, so they have too many motors as it is. I think they shold offer a small Diesel in both there Heavy Duty line and 1/2 ton lines to offset the price. What everyone forgets is that Ford had a inline 6 in there Heavy duty trucks till 1999 and it was still very popular for its low end torque and cost effectivenes. I know it will be more expensive but feel it would be worth it in the long run. Please Ford don't make me buy a Toyota or Nissan because you are unwilling to build the right truck for the market.
Peter 06/02/2011
I agree, The first auto maker to build a 1/2 ton pickup with a diesel gets my business too. The mileage from a gas engine in a 1/2 ton truck is just unacceptable. Some of the imported cars are putting diesels in there SUV with great success. The technology is there to do it.
Dennis Barnett 04/27/2010
I don’t want an ecoboost motor and will not buy one.
I want a diesel,and the first manufacture to build a ½ ton
diesel will get my business. I wish it could be Ford
but it’s looking like Toyota
2006 F150 4x4 14 mpg hwy.
Don 04/14/2010
The problem with a new engine program is cost...it is hundreds of millions of dollars to develop an entirely new bespoke power train. Now Diesle engines cost ore than gas engines and therefore demand a premium. Diesle motors have to be built stronger to take higher pressures from a higher compression ratio igniting fuel because they don't use a spark plug to ignite the fuel. They also have turbochargers making them more efficient and giving them more power which also adds cost. So they need stronger materials, a turbocharger and huge development costs. Thee is better ways to make a truck more fuel efficient by lowering weight and adding ecoboost motors with exhaust gas recirculation that controls combustion temp 5-10% more efficiently.