You give me a tough choice.

Dear Ford,
Although you may not know it, you give me a controversial decision. In a couple years, I plan on getting a brand new truck, however I do not ever plan on driving as big of a truck as the F-150. I am really hoping you will bring the Ford Wildtrak to the United States or you might just lose my faithfulness as a customer of Ford. I have driven the Ford Ranger, and i loved it, however the space was very limited and i could not have many people ride with me. I would like to have a truck that is bigger than the current ranger but smaller than the current F-150 which im sure the size will only increase. My decision if the wildtrak is not brought to the United States is, I will be forced to drive either the Cheverlet Colorado or the Dodge Dakota. I really love Ford so the thought of driving a different brand is crazy, but I need the gas milage, space, and reliability and unfortunately your truck can only provide 2 out of the 3 that i desire.
Bill Faulder 02/19/2013
Comment on this article!In my above comment about Ranger/ Sport-Trac you may have noticed my other vehicle in my garage is a VAN. i Have found a Van is my other vehicle to go along with my Sport-Trac. I have had 3 new Ford Vans over the years. Aerostar and two Windstars. When you left the Van market I bought a new Chrysler. I now have a VW, built by Chrysler. I still would rather have a FORD! Watching the coming 2014 transit very close ! My point is you left me once I hiope you don't abandon me now on the compact truck. Thanks for listening.
Bill Faulder 02/19/2013
I agree with Janna on this one. I have a 2007 SPORT TRAC and taking very good care of it to make it last. My choice if I had to replace would be NISSAN FRONTIER. But much rather have a FORD !Why not move up to a F-150 you may ask ? Too big for my garage. I live in a Condo and Sport-Trac just the right size in my garage with a Van yet large enough for hauling mowers etc. in my frequent visits to my small farm a few miles away. Trac is 4x4 which is quite handy in Ohio winters and 5 passenger size makes it just right for family whether pleasure drives or church on Sunday. I was a Parts Manager at local Ford Dealership for 31 years and a lot of my friends wonder why you are leaving this Ranger/ SportTrac market open to the competition ? Thanks, Bill Faulder Springfield, OH