Windshield Wiper Fluid

It would be extremely helpful to have a windshield wiper fluid gauge for the front and rear windows on the dashboard panel or in the sync area. I never think to check fluid levels until I'm in the middle of rush hour traffic during a rain or snow shower. Loved my Ford Flex, Ford Focus SEL hatchback and Ford Taurus. Ford Blue Forever. Thanks! Sheri
steve c 12/28/2012
Helpful yes but Ford IVT has a lot bigger issues on their plate.
Jim W 12/28/2012
I would like to see the any car with electric seats that the controls be put on the drivers door or the armrest. This has been don in the past as I have a 1997 Lincoln Continentalthat has it . It was a great idea then and it would be now, rather than putting your hand down the side of the door and the seat.