windows up button on the remote

By Sean T.

I just ran out into a sudden summer thunderstorm to start up my Fusion and put the windows up.

People routinely leave the windows just a little open in the summer heat down here, to keep the car reasonably cool while it's parked -- that black interior looks nice, but it heats up quickly. But then, if it rains, water soaks the window switches and edge of the seat and the carpet until you can get out there to close them.

could there be a button on the key-remote that closes all of the windows? I'd love to have closed them from inside the house without having to run out into the rain. That would save those window switches, too, since I could hit the remote button more quickly than I can find my flip-flops and get out to the street.
Matt H. 08/04/2010
This sounds like an excellent idea.
R.L. Wilson 08/03/2010
Great idea!
greg 08/02/2010
Nice idea. Combining this idea with auto-sensing wiper system would be even better. Every time the car detects rain, it would automatically close all windows + moonroof. Of course, knowing this, anyone could just walk by, throw a drink on your car (assuming they know where the sensor is) and viola - windows up. But I suppose you could disable that feature - and really, how big of a problem would that cause.