Window Shield Protection

Windows are a job to keep clean and during the winter it is a job to clean off especially up north. With todays technology a shield should be made that would come up over theindshield fron the top or from the hood when the motor is cut off. It would protect the glass and make it easier to clean the snow off, or to protect the interior from the sun. One could be made for the back window as well. This would be a great selling point for those who want to keep their car nice without having to put a car cover over it. A sheild for a truck would be an addition to it as well. I haven't got space for my ideas on how it would work, but seeing all those cars and trucks covered with snow up north, I best they wished they had something like this on their vehicle. A heating device could be used to smelt the snow.
Steve W 01/14/2013
Well since it is my idea, I think it should be considered and the price to instal and the advantage to the customary. If it is a positive thing for those who want it: it would be worth it. It could be instaled as an option, and those cars with cargo racks could be used and the Window Shield Protection device wouldn't change the looks of the car.