Wind shield wipers in winter

Ok lets first by saying everyone who has a car or truck no matter what make when it comes to winter always having the edge of the wiper blades freezing up cause heat cant get to it. So lets say on the deforst place it somewhat closet to the edge of the winshield. Also place some invisable ttype of deforst in the windshield on the top left corner top right corner and botttome right and left that when vechile is started it reads its bellow 30 degrees and heats up to melt. Always remeber when taking ideas the comptention will try and make it better. so prepare for them.
Andre Laplante 01/12/2011
remember the 1990 Lincoln Continental? It had the windshield de-ice feature. Push it and the snow melts off the entire area of glass.
Colt Eliason 01/10/2011
That might be hard to do with all the dash mounts and what not, but heat taping under the windshield wipers would be good, hooked up to a defrost switch like the back window defrost and make it a weather package with heated seats, remote start, 4wd and a lift/airbags. Dealerships in northern states would sell them like crazy because of all the cold people here