Where is the mid-sized pick-up?

As a 2007 Sport Trac owner, I am very disappointed that Ford has not replaced it with an updated quad-cab mid-sized pick-up. I live in Arizona (retired Ford Salaried) and have need for a 4x4 sporty quad-cab vehicle. I see plenty of Toyata Tacomas on the road, and really want the Company to consider bringing the new Ranger quad-cab to the US. I do not want or need a full-sized F-150. I want a truck that fits in my garage, has decent room for four people, and gets good fuel economy. With gas prices on the rise, Ford needs to fill this niche. What do you want me to do, buy a Toyota?
Bettie C 12/09/2012
Bring back the Sport Trac it is ideal for people whose children are off to college, who need a truck but not a Gigantic Ford.
Ray M 05/03/2012
I agree! My Sport Trac is 2002 and getting tired. I love its size and performance. Ford where do I go for a equivalent replacement?
Phil M 04/13/2012
I agree with Bill S. If Colorado makes it to Market it will sell. I am one very disappointed Ranger owner. I was looking at a used sport trac recently but the mileage isn't what I need. Small/Mid sized truck with 4 cyl ecoboot / small v6 options.
Joshua J 03/05/2012
I could not agree more. I am confused by the move not to offer the new Ranger in North America. I am hopeful this is short-term. I, too, plan to buy a Tacoma later in the year if no announcement is made by Ford to offer the new Ranger or equivalent size truck. F-150 = too big, too expensive. I would need the Supercrew cab which is further out of my price range.
Jared J 03/04/2012
I highly doubt your wish will be granted. The F150 with the 3.7L or Ecoboost engines already give you mid-size truck fuel economy in a full size. The 3.7L and Ecoboost both rate BETTER than the Nissan Frontier and are within 1MPG of the V6 Tacoma. All the while the Ecoboost makes tons more power and torque. Mid size trucks are dead to Ford considering they make Full size trucks with mid-size fuel economy.
BILL S 03/01/2012
I agree. I own a 2005 FX4, and frankly Ford has priced me out of the market for a new FX4. That and they're bigger than the truck I own now. I would love to have a smaller less expensive truck that I can actually park in my garage. Hate to say it but I will be looking at the new Colorado replacement.