Where do I put my purse???

I love Fords and am looking for a new one, but as I am shopping out the options, one thing gets in the way....My purse! There is no where to put it. My current minivan has open space between the seats so it hasn't been an issue, but to find a "Ford" crossover or SUV that doesn't have a bunch of "stuff" there is impossible. I am willing to overlook certain things about a vehicle but this just doesn't work. The reality is...women carry purses, expensive purses, and nothing is going to change about that. When I don't have a passenger, my bag lives on the seat, no problem. When my husband drives I am forced to put it on the floor (cringing), not ideal . When I am driving and have a passenger, I am forced to put it in their lap or near their feet, now thats just rude. Plus, I have to be able to access it without reaching down by their personal space or into the back seat.
Idea-Utility hook/hooks in an accessible area. Maybe one near the top of each seat near your right shoulder so the weight of the bag can sit on the center counsel but the bag doesn't go flying when you turn/stop.
Better yet-find a few female engineers with a big Dooney's, Coach's and LV bags and have them figure it out. They feel my pain.