Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Currently no North American carmaker builds a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Many minivans are converted by aftermarket companies, but these conversions effectively double the purchase price of a minivan. Families with children who must travel in wheelchair are often financially challenged to begin with which can make a wheelchair accessible vehicle of their own just a dream, forcing them to rely on expensive wheelchair accessible taxis or unreliable wheelchair accessible public transit options. If one manufacturer produced a vehicle that was designed as a wheelchair accessible from the start, it would reduce the cost of such a vehicle to a level that would make it more afFORDable for these families and that company would probably have that part of the consumer market cornered for a considerable amount of time, especially if it was designed with lots of thought to what features this type of vehicle would require in order to meet the needs of these families.
nick c. 07/12/2010
but the transit is so( in my opinion) ugly. in could have some potential. even give the option for the 3.0 v6 engine to allow for a little fun factor.
kris 06/10/2010
We got a Ford Transit back in 2-10...WE LOVE IT. No conversion needed. We just added a ramp.
Look at them.
H Smith 04/20/2010
This applies to mobility impaired adults, accident victims and those aging badly as well.