wheelchair accesible cars

We have been a Ford family for years, my father and uncle retired from ford motor in indiana. My mother has a van that is ready to retire, it is on its last leg. she wants a new ford product, but we have not found any fords that she can afford now since my dad passed. she is living on fix income now and in a wheelchair. the only vehice we found for her so far is a crystler or honda product. we feel if we dont do ford my dad would turn over in his grave. we always get ford products, why can u not fix this for alot of people. u might be able to have more people who can get a ford product then. when her van did go in the shop last time, ford had to rent her a vehicle to use and it was the crystler product because ford had none. we were all so shocked. unless u want to drive a box vehicle. crystler has a van she could drive her chair in and get in the driver seat. she delivers alot of presents and food during the holidays. so can u accept this it is hard for all us kids now.
Ron S 09/02/2014
The new full size Transit is close. It just needs 2 or 3 more inches from the floor to the top of the windshield. I'm a wheelchair user and am faced with trying to replace my E series van.
donna 05/26/2013
We are also a Ford family that is in a similar situation. My hubby is disabled and we have a child in a wheelchair.. I would love to see Ford bring back a luxury vehicle similar to the Chrysler vans...(for my families needs) . Something reasonable-dependable-with a luxury feel and ride...I too don't want to break the ford tradition...