Wet Umbrella Storage

By Cala W.

I was getting into my car on Wednesday morning as it was pouring down raining.  Of course I had an umbrella (a standard size one).  Well, when I got into the car, I closed the umbrella, but I had nowhere to store the wet thing without dropping water all over the place, including myself.   So I thought, why don't cars have sleek little storage areas at the base of the seat, between the door and the seat?  That way, I won't have to try to sling it over my lap or my head, which I desperately tried to keep dry, in order to place it on the passenger side floor or on floor in the back.  The compartment will enable me to stay dry, and the umbrella will be easily accessible when getting out into the rain.

Let me know what you think or if its even possible. 

Cala Williams