We need a REAL minivan

I just read an article on the comeback of the Ford minivan, oops, I mean "Transit Connect Wagon".

First off, refusing to call it a minivan is childish, at best. Secondly, importing a compact minivan from Spain, that requires owners to climb over a 3-seat second row to get to two seats in the rear shows a serious lack of real world application.

There are plenty of options on the market that will 1) Look better; and 2) Be more versatile, than a reskinned Transit Connect. Most competitors to that design offer vehicles on platforms with AWD/4WD, offer engines with more power, and by far have more curb appeal.

The desperate attempt at re-entering a market segment shows you are right about one thing though...Ford has dropped the ball on serving its customers. With the introduction of the "Transit Connect Wagon" (read MINIVAN), Ford continues to drop the ball.
Carol 04/05/2013
Please bring back the Windstar. My husband and I have driven over 800,000 miles in Ford vehicles and it pains me that, since I want a minivan to carry around my grandkids when they visit, I will looking at Dodge or Chrysler for my next vehicle. Ford needs to get on the ball. My next vehicle purchase will be within the next 2 years. But please make it as dependable as all my other Fords have been.
Jason E 02/19/2013
Absolutely... This Ford Transit Wagon... Really? I find it deplorable that someone (who gets paid money and not Trident gum)at Ford thinks the Transit is a serious competitor to the Chrysler minivan lineup. I am one of the loyal mini-van owners who got shafted following Ford's dropping of the Freestar. I have owned 2 Windstars, and just convinced my sister to buy her first Windstar. I love my 2001 Windstar SE Sport. I refuse to even consider a Transit. I will buy Japanese first. Firstly, it's not even a minivan. Call it a "Wagon"? Please... Yo, dudes in the offices at Ford, bring back a real, American minivan. I still can't believe you quit making them in the first place. And if you still want to gripe about an unpopular van (i.e. the Freestar) try not renaming a popular van (i.e. the Windstar).

And really? Send that Transit hunk-o'-crap back to Europe...
Curran F 11/16/2012
I loved the look of our old 2001 Windstar!