Washer Fluid Level Warning Light

By Beth S.

I believe my mustang had this in the 1990's but none of my recent vehicles have. For the northern states with snow, every vehicle really ought to have a warning light giving reasonable notice that your windshield washer fluid is going to run out. It is really awful when it runs out on the freeway with no warning or when I am wearing a dress and heals and have to randomly pull off and pop the hood. I would like to know at least a day ahead of running out for both safety and convenience reasons. I have had this issue on two fusions and a hybrid escape.
Jeff T 02/18/2014
This really is a must.
Aron A 02/23/2013
This Is a good idea,
Calen K 02/20/2013
This is a great idea, or even some type of gauge in the menu that you could naviagate to and check the current level of washer fluid.