By Evan G.

Please bring the Fusion to the US in a WAGON version!
Ben G 04/03/2012
I would love to see the new Focus wagon make it to the USA. I absolutely love my 2002 Focus wagon - it's the best combination of practicality, fuel economy, and driving fun out there is (or was, in 2002!). I'm disappointed that Ford has dropped all interest in wagons here in favor of crossovers, which are only slightly better than a gas-guzzling SUV in my opinion.

Better yet, why not get the wagon version of the 2013 Fusion over here? That car looks downright amazing and I'm thrilled to see some decent variety in engine choices for once. But there is no way I'm going to downgrade from a wagon to a sedan, nor do I want an SUV or crossover.
Paul M 03/26/2012
I have pictures of the new style Focus Wagon with Michigan plates on it. It was black and from the tip of the exhaust pipe, I could tell it was a test mule. Not sure when the picture was taken, but it gives me some hope that Ford isn't going to leave us completely high and dry.
greg f 03/21/2012
Ford currently manufactures and sells a Focus Station Wagon in Europe. The Focus Hatchback that is sold in the US is too short in back. I have been hanging on to my 2001 Focus Wagon hoping Ford would bring a wagon back to the US.
Brad B 03/20/2012
Hey Ford ! As a Doctor of Fusionology I too would love to see a Fusion wagon based on the Mondeo in the UK. Now ..........drum roll please, I just saw the new 2013 GM/Malibu boasting their 37 mpg eco-model.
Well Chevy prepare to take another back seat (you'd think that they be use to this by now) my 2011 Fusion give me 38.6 going from Dunn NC to Lake Buena Vista FL. Government Motors lost again. Fusionologist rejoice we have the highest mpg non-hybrids out there!
Jon D 03/16/2012
We just traded in our 2006 Freestyle and purchased a 2012 Focus 5-Door. We really would liked to have a direct replacement for the Freestyle like a Fusion Wagon. I know that Ford is testing a Mondeo wagon in the US. Please expand the Fusion line. FMCC family member.
Michael J 03/15/2012
It would be pretty sweet wouldn't it? Let's hope Ford is listening.