voice notes

an additional command in SYNC that would allow a brief voice note to be left in system, independant of a phone being paired.
1 push talk
2 voice command " voice note", response " recording"
3 speak note "call about house on 215 maple street 555-555-5555"
4 speak "end voice note"

listen to note
1 push talk
2 voice command "play voice note"
3 voice command " save " or " delete"

This addition to SYNC wouid allow taking of brief notes or information, with out having to find a note pad and writting it down " hands free".
This could add a very useful tool to SYNC with little additional programing, it would give a safe way to remember phone numbers from signs, information from calls, web sites heard on radio, etc.

Paul H 07/29/2014
This just seem so obvious. You're on the road and some thought needs to be recorded. Should work on bluetooth phone conversations to capture names and addresses spoken in conversations. Not like you can grab a pencil and paper while going down the highway.
Marcus N 03/29/2013
There are many times I would like to have the phone number or the name of the business from the radio when I get to my destination. I'm sorry James but I wanted to give it a thumbs up but hit the down by mistake. I couldn't figure out a way tp change my vote.