Voice Command Consistency & Suggestion List. Please add your suggestions!

Voice Command Consistency & Suggestion List. Please add your suggestions!

I’ve own the Titantium for just two weeks now, and it’s been great – other than the serious brake/gas pedal issue. I’ve been maintaining a list of Voice Command issues, and hope you can add to my list.

1. View Map - currently views Navigation - great!

add other "4 corner"
View Phone/View Climate/View Radio –plus add View Main Menu or View Home

2. Under Settings, all device have a "return" button in the upper left hand corner - except Phone.. Please add it.

3. While connecting a blue-tooth phone, you cannot touch the screen to go back to the navigation map. (you cannot touch anything). However, you can click the HOME button on the steering wheel and then bring up the map. Allow inputs to the LCD when connect to blue-tooth.

4. When receiving voice route guidance, the turn-by-turn voice cuts out as it should, but it “tries” to alert you with a tone, but all this does is interfere with talking to who you have on the phone. Please kill all audio turn-by-turn while you are on the phone.

5. "Four Corner" - Climate Off is not consistent in all applications. Sometime it show "Climate off" when it's actually on.

6. To get to AM station 1080 when the Radio is on, you say "AM 1080". You should be able to say from the Main Menu "AM 1080" - which would turn on the radio and tune it to 1080 (without getting into the Radio sub-menu). You should be able to go directly to AM 1080 if your radio is OFF too. It should turn it on for you.

7. When you say "Show Map", system first show the available commands instead of going to straight to the navigation screen (with no confirmation). Why show the available commands?

8. I should be able to say "Set Temperature 74 degrees" without activating the climate subsystem by saying “Climate”? Or at least allow you to string the commands together to speed up the process. Climate can only mean one thing…

9. It’s not so obvious on how to set the dual climate controls without going to the LCD, so allow us to say “Dual Climate Control ON/OFF”

10. When you connect a blue tooth phone, and there is only one on the list, it seems logical just to click on the name of the phone. But when you do, nothing happens- frustrating. However, you have to go to the right side of the menu and click “Connect”. If there’s only one phone, this can be frustrating because it appears you should be able to just click on the phone listed to make the connection. (if there are two phone, the way it is laid out makes sense).

11. There our times my phone IS connected, but in the upper left hand corner it continues to say “Connect a Phone” and in the left hand menu is says “disconnect” (as it should). I have photos to proof.

12. I’d like to be able to dial Phone Favorite quickly. Phone Favorite 1? Phone home.

13. The Album art only appears once. When using a USB drive to play MP3s, when an MP3 contains album art it only shows up the first time that song is played. After that a black screen is displayed where the album art should go. Songs with no album are display the icon normally.

Other suggestions
- voice command for heated seats
- choice of voices