Ventilated Seat option on full Ford Product Line

Ford should offer the ventilated seat option on all products because of the extra convenience it offers in hot humid climates and it may lesson the need for using the cars A/C or amount of A/C which will help improve gas mileage. I have owned a Mustang convertible and believe me I would have loved the cooled seat option. It would also differentiate Ford products from imports and the upcoming Camaro convertible. I am currently in the market for a 3 row crossover and like the Flex Limited a lot, but was a bit angry that the ventilated seats were not an option on a fully loaded Flex (50K). They are offered on the GM 3 row crossovers (Enclave, Arcadia & Traverse!). I may not buy the Flex because of the lack of this option! I bet there are many other customers who feel the same way I do especially in hot humid climates. It would also reduce the need of the A/C in some cases and improve gas mileage!
Gregg M 04/24/2010
I cannot agree more, I had put in the same idea, thumbs WAY up. There are reports that this could reduce AC use by 9%! That sounds low but that is huge when you consider the number of drivers. Drop the heated seats for warm climates, add the vents! (Im in Texas, it gets warm a few days out of the year...)
Bill 04/13/2010
Yes! Also, don't make me buy leather to get heated and cooled seats. Leather makes you sweat in the summer and freezes your tush in the winter.