Vehicle Build Tracking (VBT)

Add to the '' website the capability for an expectant/new owner to track the progress of his/her new Ford 'build' from order date to delivery date. Last April 2011 I ordered a F-250 (King Ranch) from Maplecrest (NJ) Ford. As I waited (the 8 weeks) I thought that it would have been nice to be able to see my new truck 'come to life'. The internet is the means to make it happen. I'm sure that (at the plant) a progress report is logged every day so what prevents that information from being made available to the owner?
Paul Morey 04/13/2013
Orderred a 2013 Escape, received the VIN after a few weeks, found online a way to get an image of the Window sticker for the As build including expected build date and can not find any way to track when to expect delivery.
If I order anything from Sears, Staples, or anybody else you get a verification of shipment and a tracking number by which you can follow delivery progress. It seems that if you get that kind of info when you spend "$12.95" for a widgit someplace that Ford would remember its earlier motto "Ford has a better idea" and you could do the same when you spend "$20,000", "$25,000", "$30,000" or more to custom order one of their vehicles. The customer satisfaction would generate good "word of mouth advertising" for Ford.
The original post for this topic was in 2011. How many customers has Ford frustrated by ignoring such a great idea?
James C 02/13/2013
This is a great idea , have new truck ordered and would love to track it.
Bartlett A 10/25/2012
I am waiting on my Ford Focus ST and I agree with the poster that it would be nice to know where my car stands in its progress to be built ande delivered