VC for heated/cooled seats

The driver should be able to control the heated/cooled seats with voice commands.

Michael Bishop
2012 Ford Explorer Limited
Mark R 05/24/2012
I think this is a great idea, and be sure to include being able to set it to high medium or low
Amy Warriner 02/19/2012
Good idea! Or at least, if I had the heated seats on when I turned the car off, go ahead and just leave the heated seat on when I start it up next time.
David B 02/05/2012
Love that idea!
David Nowak 02/03/2012
Great Idea! All items on the car should be controled by voice. I have had long conversations with Ms. Sync about just that topic. She must be thinking about it or sho is mad at me. She just will not respond.