User friendly cargo mode

We currently have a 2010 Navigator, and it never ceases to amaze me how awkward it is to get the back seats up and down. As such, here's a few questions and suggestions:
1. The third row is power, why isn't the second row power?
2. Why is the controller for the middle seat on the drivers side only? This means I have to stand in the traffic lane to adjust the seat. That's not very safety conscious.
3. Why isn't the head rest part of the mechanism to put the seats up and down? The kids are constantly forgetting to move the head rest before they drop the seats and I'm not sure what's going to break first, the back of the front seat, or the headrest.
4. Why isn't cargo mode and drop mode in the same mechanism? When we are moving seats up and down to get people out and cargo in and vice versa, it's a royal pain to figure out which handle controls which position and they don't always work the way they should. If they were both contolled by one handle or a dial it would be much easier. If you want drawings on how it could be done with one handle I'd be happy to offer them.