Use only two platforms for every vehicle in Ford's lineup

By Jake J.

C1 Platform: 2013 focus, 2013 escape, 2013 c-max,

P Platform: 2013 trucks

The platform EUCD is loosely based on the C1 platform and used for the 2013 fusion/mondeo. The T platform is based on the P platform and is used for the 2012 ford expedition.

Ford should use these two platforms because they consist of most of their best selling vehicles. The use of just two platforms instead of the current 13, would greatly reduce the cost for making their vehicles and make it easier to produce the vehicles globally. Certain vehicles like the fiesta and mustang that both use their own platform should be kept, but using the least amount of platforms is the most efficient.
Sean P 09/27/2012

see: K car
Rob T 09/27/2012
The biggest issue with this suggestion is that Ford has vehicles in almost every segment, and two platforms is insufficient to provide the diverse vehicle dynamics that consumers expect from vehicles these days.

Body on frame vehicles (F-150 and Excursion/Navigator) can share a frame, but the F-250 and larger are medium duty vehicles (the GVWR is too high for a light duty diesel emissions test in Ontario).

The Explorer and Taurus can share a platform, and while I haven't researched it, they probably do. The Fusion and Escape seem to share the same drivetrain options (except the Escape may not have the 1.6 EcoBoost + manual combination). The Focus is also similarly sized to the Escape, so there may be some platform sharing there.

The Fiesta needs a niche sports coupe variant or something else built on its platform.

And if anybody touches the Mustang, I might have to hurt somebody. The renderings I've seen of the 2014/15 Mustang are pretty awesome looking.