USB and Line-in Location

By Lynn G.

The USB in particular is extremely difficult to see how to plug my device into it from the drivers seat. It needs to be higher up in the console box. It would also have been nice to have a USB port next to the assessory charger. The two inputs in the console could then be located for the passengers in the rear seats to access.
Derek B 04/27/2014
Relocate or add a port on top of the dash on the F-150. Trucks with bench seats in the front, the only port requires the access door to be open, which when open is almost on the floor where the middle persons feet are.  If you have to leave it there, have a cut out for the cable so you can close the door once cable it plugged in. 
Lynn G 09/12/2012
And charging that doesn't require the switch on too.
Michael L 08/24/2012
I think more USB ports would be great...and with high amp 1.0+. That way tablets, phones, etc. could be charged without having to have a separate phone charger